At BCG Digital Ventures, Experience Designers create compelling product concepts and service models which address substantial consumer and business needs and bring together the best of strategy, design and technology to impact millions of lives.

Before joining DV, Thanh Nguyen worked for IBM iX in Hamburg and several startups in Berlin as a UX consultant and design thinking coach. During this time, she worked on digital projects across the media, automotive and public sectors.

For Thanh, the decision to join DV was an easy one.

“My decision to work for DV was made when I first entered the Berlin office and felt the inspiring energy of its people–it was simply contagious!”

Having experienced both startup and corporate environments, Thanh was excited by the prospect of building startups while leveraging corporate assets. DV has mastered this sweet spot and created a unique working environment, attracting world-class innovators and entrepreneurial minds from all disciplines.

At previous companies, she often observed user research being ignored due to project budget or deadline restrictions, but that is not the case at DV. “What motivates me is the importance both DV and our corporate partners place on user involvement.”

Tanh at work

Thanh at work

According to Thanh, ensuring everyone on the venture team understands the importance of user experience and the benefits it provides is the most critical  aspect of the role. Here, it is key to possess strong user advocacy, as well as the ability to tell a convincing story which illustrates the user pain points.

It’s all about communication and alignment. As an Experience Designer you are an ambassador for your users, persuading stakeholders of a product vision through the use of tangible means such as user journeys, paper prototypes and click dummies. Once people are given the chance to see, feel and experience first hand what you envisage, it will click!

As a self-taught Experience Designer, Thanh learned to follow her instincts and not give up easily. She enjoys getting her hands dirty, enabling people, seeing an idea become reality and leaving a mark that will inspire others.

This mindset also continually presents her with unexpected situations she finds very intriguing. There is not a ‘typical’ day at DV. One day you could be working on an interactive prototype, the next you could interviewing potential users on the streets of Berlin or designing Facebook campaigns for testing.

For instance, during her first few months at DV, she was tasked with approaching complete strangers on the streets of Berlin at what can be their most sensitive time of the day–the morning commute.

These were the least approachable group of people you could imagine – still half asleep and in a rush to get somewhere important. However, Thanh managed to charm them into sparing a few minutes and, in turn, gained invaluable insights for her venture.

Perhaps most importantly for Thanh, the personal learning and growth opportunities within the design cohort, venture teams and DV in general are outstanding. DV encompasses a large variety of trainings, projects, industries and corporate partners and doesn’t shy away from working at the cutting-edge of technologies and trends.

Currently, we are focusing heavily on design systems, AI design principles and best practices in AR, VR and IoT.

Than at BCGDV Berlin

Are you interested in getting your hands dirty? Berlin is hiring!

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