At BCG Digital Ventures, our team of Strategic Designers study human behavior in context through deep ethnographic research and contextual design investigations. Through this process, they uncover implicit attitudes, behaviors, motivations and latent, unmet needs, which they then translate into transformative products and services.

Throughout her career, Esra Gokgoz has always been focused on design. First, designing user experiences and developing content strategy at the creative agency, Human After All,  and later on, as an independent consultant focused on design strategy.

It was when Esra was consulting independently that she began work on what turned out to be DV London’s first venture.

“On paper, the role of SD was a good match for my design skills and appealed to me as it involved putting these skills to use designing new businesses. In practice, it also turned out to be an exciting place at an exciting time, as the London team was really starting from scratch and coming together for the first time, building something for our corporate partners, but also for ourselves.”

Esra worked on two ventures as a contractor before taking the plunge and joining DV full time. She wanted the opportunity to shape what DV London would become, and could see that there would be a lot of opportunities to learn.

“Being a designer at DV is problem solving in the truest sense.”

From Esra’s experience, the work we do at DV is not just about coming up with an interesting idea and working on pure design problems. It’s about building interventions and businesses that solve real and strategic frictions for our corporate partners. This means considering all angles; how we get the product market, how the service is delivered operationally, etc.

In order to fully understand the problem space and the stakeholders within it, all members of the venture team invest the time to do their own research, all while working  side-by-side with our corporate partners.

“Creativity thrives with just the right amount of constraints. At DV, we’re always designing for a real and messy world in which the problem and the solution evolve in parallel. As a designer, it means you can never be precious about your work or design in a vacuum.”

Esra believes that everyone can be creative–and everyone can be a designer. Rather than having a monopoly on the ideas, it’s much more interesting and impactful to use your skills as a designer to unlock and enable this kind of creative and collaborative thinking in others. At DV, we do this by taking people away from their desks and giving them the tools and methods needed to think differently and with empathy. In this way, allowing them to imagine the truly disruptive products and services of the future.

Most of all, Esra enjoys the challenge of taking others along on a journey, exposing them to new ways of doing things and bringing out the best in them. People are often surprised with the end result of this journey. As a designer at DV, applying your skills in this way is your biggest challenge, but also your biggest reward.


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