Digital Ventures’ Partners and Managing Directors in Australia openly support marriage equality.


Australia is currently in the process of a national plebiscite to gauge public opinion on the matter of same-sex marriage. During this campaign our Partners and Managing Directors based in Australia have joined BCG and many of the corporate partners we work with in signing an open letter in support of marriage equality.

One of our core values at Digital Ventures is seek difference, which outlines our belief that diverse people, skills and ideas along with mutual respect and collaboration with each other will produce extraordinary ideas and outcomes for our employees and corporate partners alike.



It is in that spirit we support the right for all our employees to have equal opportunities in life and therefore we proudly support marriage equality in Australia.

Here are just a few useful guides to help LGBTIQ+ people and their families stay resilient during the campaign;

Click here  to read more about the corporate support for marriage equality in Australia.


For more context on the introduction of the DV Pledge and our commitment to diversity and inclusion, read our recent blog post authored by COO + Partner, Susan Moffet. To learn more about our value ‘seek difference’ in practice, check out Product Lead, Sharon Tom’s article reflecting on her experience at the Lesbians Who Tech Summit earlier this year.